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Life is a great gift and practicing yoga teaches us how to live authentically from the heart with passion, purpose and integrity.

It is possible to cultivate a life long practice of yoga that will give you radiant health, genuine happiness and abiding peace.

As a yoga teacher, it is my passion to help you acquire the skills needed to practice yoga safely and inspire you to live a healthy, happy, remarkable life.


Spread The Love – Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga

Saturday February 14, 2014 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Yoga For Everybody, 27 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT

Set aside your chocolates and candy hearts for a fun filled afternoon of partner yoga! Ideal for couples who want to explore safe, playful ways of being tender and loving together, partner yoga can transform your connection to each other. Cultivate trust, build confidence and deepen your communication skills as you learn to give and receive support in yoga postures. Combine your efforts, connect through touch, playfully balance and counter-balance as we explore a series of dynamic double yoga poses.

No experience is required to enjoy this special workshop of deepening your relationship and adding a touch more love to your Valentine’s Day!

$50/couple if purchased by 2/7, $60 thereafter Register at www.yoga4everybody.net

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Private Yoga Sessions – Ready To Get Started?

Ever thought about taking a public class but were unable to find a convenient location or a time that works for your schedule? Maybe you’re a bit shy or intimidated in a group setting. Private yoga sessions are designed especially for you! …read more


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