Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it is ok for me to do yoga?

While yoga is an appropriate practice for most people, it is always best to discuss your individual concerns with your health care professional.

What should I wear to yoga class?

Comfortable clothing that stretches and breathes. Athletic type clothing, pants and tops work well. If you tend to be warm, you may prefer shorts, which are fine as long as they fit snugly around the legs. If you tend to be cool, an extra layer is suggested.

What should I bring to yoga class?

A yoga mat and water are essential. Depending upon your practice, you may also want props such as blocks, a strap, a blanket or a bolster. Many studios do have yoga mats and props. Other locations may not have yoga supplies.

There are so many different styles and classes, how do I know which class to take?

The best way to decide is to try a class and see if it works for you. Choose a teacher that is well trained and resonates with you.

How do I schedule a private class?

You may contact me by phone, 203.451.0237, or email: info at, to set up a mutually convenient time for your private yoga class.