Private Yoga Sessions – Ready To Get Started?

New to yoga?

Have you thought about taking a public class but were unable to find a convenient location or a time that works for your schedule? As a new student, you may feel a bit shy or intimidated in a group setting. Private sessions are a great way to start learning about yoga. Working one on one, you will learn the basic elements of yoga while practicing at your own pace. There will be time to express your needs, ask questions and receive the attention you need. A private session will help you gain clarity, develop confidence and give you the foundation for your yoga practice.

Experienced student?

Would you like to advance your current yoga practice? Have a desire to learn the postures that challenge you in your practice? A private session is an optimal way to learn detailed alignment techniques and sequencing that will help you deepen your practice. Each session is designed with your specific needs in mind assisting you in advancing safely towards your goals. Working together, we create a dynamic practice that helps you gain deeper insight into areas that are of interest to you.

Feel overwhelmed, worried or stressed out?

Do you find yourself feeling poorly more often than feeling well? Have heard that yoga could help but you are not sure how? A private session is a perfect way to begin taking care of yourself. We begin by discussing your concerns and creating a practice that is specific to your needs. Unlike a public class that is designed for a group of students, private sessions give you the freedom to ask questions and explore different options for stress reduction. A regular practice of yoga can help to decrease stress and bring more joy into your life.

Healing an injury or faced with a health challenge?

Have you been injured? Do you have health challenges that prevent you from practicing yoga? Injuries and health issues may keep you from practicing yoga for fear of exacerbating your condition.  Private yoga sessions are tailored to help you learn how to promote healing and recovery. Through specific sequencing and alignment we will work together to create a practice that is safe and accessible to you. A private session gives you the one on one attention that is vital to cultivating a sustainable yoga practice to help restore your health and well being.

Interested in creating a home practice?

Does the thought of having to go to a studio or gym for a yoga class keep you from practicing? A home practice is the perfect solution for students who want to practice every day. Beginner or experienced students can benefit from a daily practice of yoga and learning how to practice at home begins with a private session. Together we collaborate to develop a home practice suited to your needs and lifestyle. Learning the basics for a daily practice will set you on course for a yoga practice you can count on each day.

Thinking about a group private lesson?

Do you have friends, family or co-workers that may benefit from yoga? A private group session can be the way to come together and practice yoga. Group practice in a small, intimate setting can be fun and is a great way to stay motivated and inspired. Practicing together helps everyone learn how to cultivate healthy habits through a regular yoga practice.

How do I get started?

You may contact me by phone 203.451.0237, or by email: carolyn at info at to arrange a mutually convenient time for your private yoga class. Sessions are held in the privacy of your home where we create a sacred space for your practice. It is best to have a quiet space that is large enough to fit a yoga mat with a little bit more space surrounding the mat. Studio space is available if preferred.