The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India where yoga is believed to have originated. It is the union of our physical body, mind and spirit with the Universal Spirit or Consciousness.

Yoga teaches us how to connect with our body and mind to create a life filled with vibrant health, peace and joy. It is an exquisite practice that offers us a safe place to explore our physical body, experience a myriad of emotions and contemplate our connection to something greater.

Through the practice of yoga, we experience the yoking of our body, mind and heart to a Universal Spirit and in the process awaken a spiritual energy that exists in all of us. It is in this awakening that our true nature is revealed. With this realization we come to understand that the very essence of who we are is pure love, pure peace and pure joy.

When we establish this connection and experience our true nature, we begin to develop a sense of confidence that everything we need can be found within ourselves and is accessible to us at anytime. It is this remembrance that we are always connected to a bigger source of energy that becomes the foundation for our practice of yoga.

Yoga is essentially a practice of refining ourselves and our connection to a higher power of existence. It is a practice that begins with a commitment, continues with discipline and ultimately is sustained through the desire to experience the revelation of our true self again and again.

Scientists and researchers have been studying the benefits of yoga for decades and have made significant discoveries in the relationship between yoga and improved physical and mental health. This research has consistently demonstrated that a regular yoga practice may help to increase your flexibility, improve strength and balance, enhance your energy level, build confidence and ultimately leave you feeling a greater sense of inspiration and enthusiasm for life.

As yoga continues to increase in popularity and accessibility, people are being drawn to practice for a wide variety of reasons. They may see yoga as a way to manage stress, heal addictions and injuries, or even to achieve the “perfect” body. While these reasons may bring you to yoga, ultimately the highest purpose of the practice is the inner journey of awakening and remembering your true nature. This process is unique to each practitioner and is truly an exciting adventure.

Whatever draws you to yoga, let this be the catalyst that motivates you to begin the process of self discovery. This is a personal journey that will require courage, humility and a willingness to see all parts of yourself. As you continue to explore your practice, you will feel empowered by the knowledge that you already have everything you need inside of yourself. Yoga is the practice that will support and sustain the awakening of your true self, the place inside of you where peace, love and bliss reside.